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We are a creative agency and video production company supporting clients by engineering journeys that combine their brands' values and ignite the imagination of their audience.

  • Its been great working with you and we will look to update the Creating Surprising Places video at the end of the year as we will have a new building to add.

  • PW12 have been a great support and help in building our YouTube channel. We always get fantastic feedback on the quality of the content produced. The team at Pw12 are always helpful and professional, I can’t recommend them highly enough.

  • We have been delighted with not only the high-quality video production from PW12 but the first class service and communication from their team. Our commissioned projects are consistently delivered on time, within budget and with fantastic results.

    Vanessa Whiteside, Sales & Marketing Manager , Engage Productions
  • It is unusual for a company like us to request a series of video like we did but we knew immediately that it would need to be with these guys. They understand how to connect with us and then were smart enough to know how to marry that to make a video that travels well.

  • I went with PW12 because they made the effort to come in and learn my business before shooting a single image. They were extremely thorough and I am pleased with the outcome.

  • PW12’s willingness to work across our collections in way that was above and beyond the scale of the project lead us to discuss larger campaigns with them. This is the way trust is established. You work alongside the people who you trust and who can deliver, and then you keep on working with them.

  • We worked with PW12 on 2 occasions and have found their work to be of the highest quality. We found the company to be professional, accommodating and competitive. 



Our diverse set of clients all have unique requirements, all of which we have delivered to.

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